COP28 Highlights: Adam Karnama Pioneers Sustainability with “Founcorp” Theory

At COP28, Adam Karnama presented Spritju, enhancing energy transparency and combating greenwashing through the innovative "Founcorp" theory.

COP28 marked a pivotal moment with the completion of the inaugural global review of climate action under the Paris Agreement. Adam Karnama, leveraging his innovative "Founcorp" theory established in October 2020, founded the Aban Foundation to champion corporate sustainability through organic growth.

At the event, Adam unveiled Spritju, an initiative under the Aban Foundation aimed at enhancing transparency in the energy sector. Spritju sets a new standard by ensuring energy emissions are transparent and traceable, effectively addressing the critical issue of greenwashing. This effort underscores a commitment to sustainable development and accountability in environmental stewardship.

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