Spritju Energy Traceability Machine

In the energy sector, accessing trustworthy information can alleviate many of the challenges of energy traceability. By accessing transactions stored in a blockchain, consumers can verify that the electricity they buy was originally purchased from a renewable energy producer. The difficulty comes from matching energy consumption with energy production and managing the tokens to certify the origin of the electricity used. At Spritju, we have overcome this by building an AI-powered machine with four engines that make energy traceable through the blockchain.


Spritju’s four engines match energy consumption data with production data, store the data in a blockchain, and show the origin of your energy in a transparent and auditable way


The machine is built to take the data of your energy consumption and match it with energy generation data at each hour, and then use blockchain technology with Proof of Stake technology to track the origin of each kWh you use and verify its source. 

Spritju Energy Traceability Machine has 4 engines specifically designed to meet our clients demand, change in the regulation and also addressing climate action issues.

Engine 1: Spritju Matching Engine:

This engine is enabled with AI to match electricity consumption with electricity generation at each hour. This is connected to 24/7 Carbon Free Energy regulation. Spritju is member of United Nation 24/7 Carbon Free Energy Compact. Through the use of AI, the first engine of the machine can adapt to regulations and standards for hourly electricity matching to get the most accurate matching possible.

Engine 2: Spritju Auditability Engine

The data sources and output are then recorded in the second engine and collected in a data block that is added to the Spritju blockchain system, fully auditable by our audit partner. This data is also fully transparent and accessible to the consumer, meaning that they have full knowledge of where their electricity comes from and how the matching was made.

Engine 3: Spritju Token Management

Spritju developed a blockchain system powered with PoS - Power of Stake Consensus Function in which the traceability output can be used in e-fuel generation. This can be used in SAF (Sustainable Aviation Fuel), hydrogen, methanol and biofuels. Spritju gives fuel producers verifiable proof that the energy they use comes from renewable sources, which is imperative to claim that these fuels are fossil-free.

Engine 4: Spritju IoT Integrator

This engine makes the connection of energy traceability to end-consumer space. It is a trivial consumer right, protected and promoted by several consumer rights organizations across the world, that they need to know the source of their consumption. This engine enables consumers to make a wise decision to purchase their product. 

By means of this engine, any energy consumer would have a chance to know the source of their electricity consumption by each device at any time at any location. This can be a large machinery in manufacturing site or a refrigerator in a house or an apartment.Book e demo with us to learn more.

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